The LionFish Co.

Digital Consultants & Strategy Experts

The Lionfish Co. is a digital marketing GROUP based in Asheville, NC.

We specialize in category design, Digital Marketing, Data Analysis, Strategy, and Brand Development. We work with clients of all shapes and sizes, from mom-and-pop establishments to global tech companies.

Our expertise has been sculpted and refined from years of navigating the digital space, creating user-friendly experiences, and successfully building brands online.

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We’ve Got What
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As a digital marketing group, The Lionfish  Co. provides a broad host of services to our clients in the realm of digital strategy, category design and brand consultation. 

Whether your business is in need of Digital Advertising, SEO, a Website, or one of our other services, an investment into your marketing strategy is an investment into what your business impacts: your family, your team, your customers, and your community. 

Our Approach

Be Good People,
Doing Great Things

The LionFish Co. builds partnerships with people who have a passion for what they do, and we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive solutions to every client’s unique and complex needs. 

We have a passion for working with people, teaching others, and mastering the science of how businesses and people connect digitally. The core of our services begin with strategic analysis, audits and blueprints to help determine the steps we take to kickoff effective campaigns. 

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Digital Assessment


Digital Health Checks, Social Media Audits, Website Audits, Design Analysis

Digital Consultation


Brand Development, Workflow Management, Team Training, Webinars

Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Ads, SMM



Go-To-Market Strategy, Competitor Analysis, Market Research



Analytics Config., Keyword Monitoring, Heat Mapping, Conversion Tracking

Lead Optimization


Conversion Optimization, Lead Nurturing, Inbound Marketing, Mail Attribution

Lets Build a Partnership

The businesses that we work with are more than our clients—they are our partners. Contact us today so we can discuss your business’ needs, and explore the possibilities of working together.